About Gelato

To support a new wave of ecommerce entrepreneurs and a global shift from centralized to local production, Gelato has built the world’s largest platform for the production and distribution of personalized products. Its network of more than 100 production partners in 30 countries enables thousands of ecommerce sellers to produce and deliver products such as hoodies, wall art, greeting cards, mugs and tshirts - just to mention a few - to billions of customers anywhere in the world.

Without owning any physical assets, Gelato is rethinking the digital fabrication of customized products on demand and and the way individuals can make a livelihood through ecommerce and grow their business. Because products are made locally and in the location closest to the recipient, delivery is faster, and costs, waste and carbon emissions are reduced.

Gelato is partnering directly with Donald Fishman  to ensure that high-quality prints of these unearthed posters are available to Photography Lovers across the globe.